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Pack Membership

What do I get with the membership?

The Pack is an annual membership ($19.99/yr) that comes with the following benefits:.

How does The Pack differ from a subscription?

The main difference between a subscription and The Pack is that with The Pack, you can place one-time orders at the subscription discount price without having to have a recurring order.

How do I access the secret menu?

You can access the secret menu here or via the main site navigation on our website at any time. Remember, you can't place an order for an item on the secret menu unless you're logged in with the email associated with your membership or subscription.

I'm an active Wandering Bear subscriber. Do I also need a membership?

As a Wandering Bear subscriber, you already receive all the benefits of The Pack membership so you don't need to become a member. The Pack gives customers the ability to access subscriber pricing without having to have an autoship set up. If you woul