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Is your cold brew certified organic?

Most of our products are certified USDA Organic, and as such, almost all of them use the same base organic coffee sources from small farms in Peru. There are a few exceptions to this rule:. When available, our Pumpkin Spice cold brew is made with the

How much caffeine is in your cold brew?

All of our caffeinated products contain 150mg of caffeine per 6oz serving. This is roughly equivalent to 2-3 shots of espresso per serving. Our decaf option contains 7.5mg of caffeine per serving.

Do I need to refrigerate the cold brew before opening?

Nope, you can store Wandering Bear cold brew at room temperature until you open it. We use a flash pasteurization and sterilization process for our cold brew that allows for safe storage at room temperature before opening without affecting its taste.

How long does Wandering Bear cold brew last?

This is a very relative question. But since we wrote it, we know what we meant. From a freshness perspective, each box will stay fresh until the printed “best by” date on the back of the box. Once the tap is open, your cold brew will stay fresh for 3

How do I find the nutrition info about your products?

You can find nutritional info for all of our products on our website. Simply go to the webpage of the product you're interested in, click the flavor or option you want more info on, and then choose the last photo associated with that product. This la

How much sugar is in your cold brew?

None! All of our products are sugar-free, allowing you to customize each cup to your liking.

How do you decaffeinate your decaf cold brew?

We use the swiss water method to decaffeinate our decaf cold brew.

Are there any allergens in your cold brew?

None of the ingredients in our coffee on tap products contain any known allergens. Our production facility does handle soy, however, all equipment is fully sterilized before/after each run to avoid any cross-contamination.

Is your cold brew kosher?

Yes, our cold brew is kosher. The cartons are OU and the boxes are Star-K.

Do I need to dilute Wandering Bear cold brew with milk or water?

Our coffee is extra strong but ready-to-drink out of the box, so you don't have to mess around with measuring out coffee and water before you've even had your morning brew. That said, it's your coffee, and it's endlessly customizable: drink it straig

What are the product dimensions?

Is your cold brew tested for mycotoxins?

Every batch of Wandering Bear is produced and packaged in a sterile environment and then tested for yeast, mold and bacteria under abuse conditions for 10 days before being released for sale. We take food safety incredibly seriously and appreciate yo

Can I heat the cold brew?

Yes. Of course you can heat it up and it will still be one of the smoothest cups of coffee you have ever had. For a true hot coffee connoisseur, they will note a difference (less acidity, less bitterness) than a hot cup because this is, well, heated

Are your bags BPA free?

All of our bags are BPA free plastic and FDA-grade food safe.

What is Dirty Vanilla Chai?

Our Dirty Vanilla Chai flavor is vanilla chai flavored cold brew. If you are wondering if this is tea, the answer is no. This is a fan-favorite and we hope you give it a try!